The traditional taste and hospitality that have remained unchanged since the establishment of the company.

The eel is carefully selected and grilled over binchotan charcoal, and the restaurant uses Uonuma-grown Koshihikari rice.

We also offer services for celebrations and Buddhist memorial services, so please consult with us.

All prices below are exclusive of tax. An additional 10% tax will be added.

Menu List
eel dishes
Tomato Salad
rice bowl
service a la carte
Limited quantity menu

eel dishes

Grill eel and rice with soup

Standard    ¥4,200 (150g)
Delxue      ¥5,600 (240g)
Premium     ¥5,800 (270g)
Extra      ¥6,000 (300g)
※ For an extra 100 yen, you can have a 【Clear soup of eel liver】
※ The weight of the above [eel] is a guide,so there may be some fluctuations.

Grill eel

Serve with a spicy sauce.
Standard       ¥3,900
Delxue         ¥5,300
Premium        ¥5,500
Extra         ¥5,700
Grill eel with soup and rice  ¥4,300
(Includes soup, pickles, and rice)
※ The size of eel in this menu is 【Standard】 size. Please tell us when changing the size.

Plain grill eel

Please enjoy it with wasabi soy sauce. (Use fresh wasabi)
Standard       ¥3,900
Delxue         ¥5,300
Premium        ¥5,500
Extra         ¥5,700
Plain grill eel with soupand rice  ¥4,300
(Includes soup, pickles, and rice)
※ The size of eel in this menu is 【Standard】 size. Please tell us when changing the size.

Tomato salad

Tomato salad

An original dish invented by the first owner. Steamed chicken stuffed in tomatoes with homemade mayonnaise sauce. Momotaro” tomatoes, carefully selected for their size, shape, and taste, are ordered from all over Japan and used.

rice bowl

Grilled chicken bowl

Covered with sauce and nori seaweed, and topped with charcoal grilled chicken.

Grilled eel and egg bowl

Half a kabayaki with an egg.

Chicken and egg bowl

It is made fluffy with mitsuba and egg in a less sweet sauce.

egg bowl


service a la carte

Rolled egg(One serving)

A slightly sweet omelet with grated soy sauce.

Grilled chicken

Charcoal breast and thigh meat with sauce.

Roast giblets(one piece)

Charcoal-grilled chicken liver, gizzard, skin, etc. We also accept orders for single pieces.

Grilled eel liver(one piece)

The eel liver is generously rolled and grilled over charcoal.
We also accept orders for single pieces (subject to availability).

Briefly-boiled chicken breast

Boiled chicken breast and mitsuba leaves with wasabi soy sauce(Use fresh wasabi).

Roasted eel wrapped in omelette(One serving)


Clear soup of eel liver


Clear soup




Small rice


Tomato salad(without chicken)


Salted fish


Limited quantity menu

Grilled Chicken Skin [Tare (sauce) and salt]

(one piece)        ¥200

Grilled Eel Skewers [Tare (sauce) and salt]

(one piece)        ¥500



Sapporo black label Hakone beer
Asahi Super Dry beer
Kirin Lagar beer
         ¥800 each
Kirin Lagar beer small bottle
Non-alcoholic beer

Sake (Japanese rice wine)

★Sake [Gekkeikan]
★Cold Sake [Kubota]
★Cold Sake [Gangi]
★Cold Sake [Yuki no Bosha]
Junmai-shu [Mt.Tanzawa-shuho 300ml]
※ The star mark indicates that hot sake is also available.

Wine (Half Bottle)

Hakone label
  Light-bodied wine (Red)
  Semi-sweet wine (White)
          ¥1,500 each

Other alcohols

Plum Liquor
Whisky [Kaku]
Barley Shochu [Maruyama]
(sweet) potato shochu [Ran]
           ¥800 each

Soft Drink

Oolong Tea
Orange juice
Ginger ale
           ¥260 each