1-9-35 Honcho, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
11:00〜14:30/16:30〜19:30 Closed on Wed / second and fourth Tue



The taste of tradition and the spirit of hospitality
that has not changed since its foundation

Bake carefully selected eel with Bincho charcoal,
The shop uses Koshihikari from Uonuma.

Please contact us for celebration and memorial service.

The following rates are all exclusive of tax. 10% extra tax will be charged.

Grilled eel and rice

Grilled eel and rice

Standard ¥4,200 Superior  ¥4,900 Premium  ¥5,600 Includes soup and fresh incense. Liver sucking costs +100 yen.

Grilled eel

Grilled eel

Standard ¥3,900 Superior ¥4,600 Premium ¥5,300 Kabayaki Gozen (with soup, fresh incense, rice) ¥4,300 The size of the eel is [Standard]. Please tell us when you change the size.

Plain grilled eel

Plain grilled eel

With Wasabi Soy Sauce ~ Using Raw Wasabi ~

Standard ¥3,900 Superior ¥4,600 Premium ¥5,300 Shirayaki Gozen (with soup, fresh incense, rice)) ¥4,300 The size of the eel is [Standard]. Please tell us when you change the size.

Tomato salad¥900

Tomato salad

Original dishes designed by the first shopkeeper.
Stuffed steamed chicken in tomatoes with homemade mayonnaise sauce.
We use "Momotaro" carefully selected in size, shape and taste from all over Japan.

Grilled chicken bowl

Grilled chicken bowl¥1,200

Sprinkle with seaweed and top with charcoal-grilled chicken

Chicken and egg bowl

Chicken and egg bowl¥900

Under the sweetness, plump with three leaves and eggs

Rolled egg

Rolled egg(serving)¥1,000

Refresh the slightly sweetened egg with grated soy sauce

Grilled chicken

Grilled chicken¥750

Charcoal breast and thigh meat

Roast giblets

Roast giblets(one piece)¥400

Grilled bird liver, sand, and skin with charcoal
order from one piece

Grilled eel liver

Grilled eel liver(one piece)¥500

Roll the eel liver a lot and bake it with charcoal
order from one piece
Depends on arrival status

Briefly-boiled chicken breast

Briefly-boiled chicken breast¥800

Boiled scissors and trefoil, recommended for sake with Wasabi soy sauce〜Using raw Wasabi〜

Other Menus

Egg bowl¥700
Loasted Eel Wrapped in Omelette(serving)
Clear soup of eel liver¥200
Clear soup¥150
Small rice¥150
Salted fish¥200
Salted fish for souvenirs L ¥2,300
M ¥1,600
S ¥1,000


We have various types of beer, sake, cold liquor, non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks.